Our Philosophy

Freshly prepared local fresh produce and a good selection of wines to suit and complement the food on offer in a pleasant environment is the main focus of Cucina Amore. Therefore our philosophy can be encapsulated into only the following few words:

“Great Quality, Freshly Cooked Food in a Modern Italian Environment.“

The Restaurant

The moment you walk into Cucina Amore you realise you are not into just another Italian Restaurant. In order to create an intimate dining experience you need to have a relaxed, comfortable but homely atmosphere which is as important as the food. For this reason Cucina Amore has been carefully built with materials imported directly from Italy in order to add a modern Italian finish giving you a unique experience in this part of the world.

The Team

Cooking and serving in good time freshly made great food in a commercial environment can be at the best of times highly demanding but not impossible if you have the will and knowhow. Hence the cooking has been left at the capable hands of a very experienced Italian chef; our chef is delivering traditional and modern cooking based mainly on fresh local and seasonal ingredients and is able to create delicious plates on the fly preparing everything fresh – from the bread to your favourite dessert. So should you want to eat something which is not on the menu, just ask and he shall cook it for you fresh as long as he has the ingredients at hand.

This amazing combination of fresh cuisine and Italian comfort awaits any guest seeking a restaurant with a special character and a twist in Scotland. If you are as passionate about great fresh food as the people behind Cucina Amore are, then be prepared for a dining experience of a lifetime you will want to repeat as often as possible.